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Sith Empire
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Server Assignment

johnkevr, Dec 12, 11 7:48 PM.
Today all guild server assignments have been announced. Adult Swim will be on the server "Sword of Ajunta Pall".
Welcome New Members

Welcome to Adult Swim's SW:ToR guild page. We are currently open for applications, so register and get your application in.

- For anyone from the WoW side of Adult Swim, you need to fill out the application and just include your main character's name when it asks for it.

- Current SW:ToR members just be sure to include your SWTOR account name when the application asks so I know who you are.

Game Launch

Since the game will be launching very soon (anywhere from Dec. 12 - Dec. 20 depending on when you pre-ordered your game), I'm going to make a list of useful links that I believe will be able to answer any questions you may have before you launch the game for the first time.


Class Roles:

Talent Tree:
- Go to the bottom of the page to select which specific advanced class you are interested in.



Datacrons (very important)


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